Lewis Mason's "Junkers"

November 2010

Photos by Lewis Mason

It's finally happened:  A Fly Baby in the US has been built as a Junkers replica:

Lewis Mason is from San Antonio, Texas.  He started building his Fly Baby in May 2007, and completed it in December 2009.  "The Junkers CL1 pictures really caught my eye, as you can see from the attached pictures," he writes. " I am a WW1 buff, so now have a German fighter to go the the 3/4 inch scale SE5A I built a few years ago."

He made a few modifications to the plans.  The wing tips were squared, as was the rudder and elevators.  He had problems with his knees hitting the instrument panel when trying to get out of the plane.  He solved it by cutting out the top of the number 5 bulkhead and moving it back 2.5 inches.   And yes, I'd *dearly* like to take a look at that....

The plane was doped with two coats of nitrate dope and the color was added with latex paint.  "It sure was easy to work with and looks great.", he says.  The turtle deck has a removable gun pit with a very German looking gunner pointing a machine gun. 

There are also two machine guns mounted on the front cowl.  He built a duplicate of Matt Michael's canopy for those harsh winters in San Antonio. :-)

Great job, Lewis!

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